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I've been photographing the world around me ever since I discovered my Dad's vintage 35mm canon SLR  back in high school.  I began developing my own film and found myself disappearing into the darkroom for hours on end.  I was in the "flow", that place where time doesn't exist because you are so enthralled in your practice.  Photography still makes me feel like I did back then.  The world around me melts away and what is left is all the beauty in the world with a camera in one hand and eager anticipation of "the moment" hovering in my minds eye. I primarily shoot digital now, but I occasionally bring out my coveted Contax medium format camera or my vintage Nikon 35mm SLR.  


I received my BFA in photography at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005.  After college I worked as a darkroom technician, developing and printing large format prints and working with historic negatives. I moved to Charlottesville for a year and worked as a product photographer for an online retailer at Music Today. I started 2nd shooting for a local wedding photographer and fell in love with the raw documentary nature of the work.  I moved back to Richmond and started my business, focusing primarily on Wedding photography.  I've also done portraits, editorial and corporate work. 

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